Friday, March 27, 2009

Lange Group
February 2009
Before reading on, let me say that this was one of my alltime favorite charters, and I feel privaliged to call the whole group friends.
Thanks guys
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The White Day Bay Gang
I love my job somedays
Where do we start? We met Alan, our captain, cook, tour guide and cocktail maker, as we walked out the dock to the Catalyst. He was friendly, relaxed and ready to give us the vacation of a life time. Everyday was a new adventure at sea as Al took us to all his favorite spots - some secluded and private with only a handful of people on the beaches; others filled with fun, music and RUM! The half board option was perfect for us especially with Al catering to us like it was all-inclusive. The breakfasts and lunches were fantastic and every night Al took us to another great beach bar for dinner giving us a chance to try all the local favorites. His knowledge and love for the islands that he shared with us was incredible (we still quiz each other months later!) We can't think of a person or place we'd rather spend a week with. We got on the boat thinking it would be just another vacation and came away with an experience like no other and a lifelong friend...

The "White Day Bay" GangFeb 2009

March 2009

Sailing on Catalyst was an amazing, Outstanding, once in a lifetime (I hope not) experience. I can’t say enough about this trip to do it justice. The boat was beautiful, comfortable and stocked for any of our meals and then some. The itinerary was wonderfully planned and executed. The food that Alan prepared was fabulous, varied, delectable, and suited for our specific tastes. The dining was so varied and spectacular, as to be impossible to describe.
But what truly made this trip perfect was the “CREW”. Alan creates an environment that is so relaxed, comfortable, enlightening, enriching, friendly and fun, that I felt I was sailing with “family” (Only way better). Not only did he treat us wonderfully, he was extra ordinarily respectful and kind to Laura (His crew for the trip). She was absolutely sweet, kind gracious and helped in every way possible.
Gwen and I would recommend a vacation aboard the Catalyst in the strongest possible terms. I only wish Alan and Laura could understand the depth and richness of the experience they provided to us. It is a gift that we will always treasure!!!!!!

Most sincerely and gratefully yours
Gregg J Garrison
March 4th, 2009
Norby Charter
February 2009

Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful trip. You showed us the Islands in a way we could never have imagined. Everything from beaches to reefs, we couldn't have asked better.
The Catalyst is a fine boat and the accommodations great. I slept well every night on a very comfortable bed. Waking up to a new, beautiful view, and a lovely breakfast every morning. Sailing and swimming, relaxing on the deck, and then a delicious lunch. You really did spoil us.
Loved the stories of the islands, the people, and pirates. Your knowledge and love of the islands really shows, and made our vacation all the better.
We are so happy we chose the Catalyst. You made our birthday one we will remember for ever.