Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jacobs Testimonial

To all the ships at sea/and/those that want to be,
It is my best educated guess that anyone looking at this post is most likely contemplating a trip down the islands-way, and most likely you are considering Capn.' Al and his fine ship the Catalyst. I would also guess that you are looking for some sort of information or feedback on what just such a trip might entail...sailing?...what's the food like? it mostly sight-seeing or more interactive? it gonna' be boring?...are there different islands, or just a few?...can it be family friendly, or can it be tailored to a more adult oriented adventure?...what are the quarters like?...will I be wet all the time? there life after death?...and finally, what are we here for?
If I wanted to be curt, brief, and to the point, I might answer somethin' like...Yes!...Good!...Action Packed!...Not Boring!...Endless Bays and Island destinations...Family or Not/you make the choice...More Space Than You Can Shake a Stick At...NOT WET ALL THE TIME...Let me tell you the secrets of life/death/why we're see, the Truth is...
But I digress.
Our time with Al and his ship was surely one of the most wonderful trips we have ever undertaken. You have to think of the Captain and the Catalyst as this wondrous combination of "Dream Enabling" over-achievers. You can make your own desires and wishes known, and they will make it happen, or, Al is just as likely to offer a list of way-cool possibilities that will have you exploring/entertaining the days and nights away. Really. I am all too aware of how trite and predictable a post like this can be to someone trying to make an informed decision about chartering the Catalyst...but I am telling you that this guy and his ship are the real deal. If you have some "vague" idea of what a combination snorkel/diving maybe/wonderful on-board food/great on-land dining destinations trip might be...Al can make it reality. And, do so in a fun and engaging way.
Now, for some highlights of the kind you too could look forward to:
Marvelous diving on the Rhone, at the Indians, also the Dogs...with turtles, rays, parrot fish, squid, and the ever present tarpon and barracuda...
Mooring on a quiet bay off: Cooper/Peter/Jost Van Dyke/Virgin Gorda/Mosquito Cay/St. John...AND having a gourmet class meal prepared and served by the Skipper hisself'! (Exactly what are you doing this evening that beats that? Come on! Pizza? TV? Bowling? Having a stare-down with your computer monitor and the internet? POSH.)
Hows' about starting the day with a tremendous breakfast prepared by the Man, allowing you time for a little snorkeling, followed by an interesting hike up to the exotic ruins of one of the several windmills/sugar plantations nearby? And what if virtually every inch of your journey was a photo op.? Huh?
Maybe one day you get to let the sails out, and glide ever-so-smoothly over to Virgin Gorda...where the world renown Baths await your snorkeling pleasure...where the island itself is worthy of a day of exploring, with great bars and restaurants at the handy...ending the evening with the sun setting over the Bitter End Yacht Club, as you toast the day, the setting, the romantic beauty of it all...AND the Capn'! (This is still about Al and the Catalyst.)
Of course any honest summary of the possibilities would be remiss if I didn't mention the unique, and world-class-fun drinking establishments at your disposal. How about we start with the William Thorntion?... an anchored bar/restaurant/dance floor floating ship of fun (Fools? Foolish Fun?) Just up a quiet little bay on Norman Island...we're just gettin' started...
Eventually you WILL wind up on Jost, and here we find Foxy's, Ivan's, and Sidney's Peace and Love, The Soggy Dollar... all bars you arrive at by boat , hit the water, swim to shore, swap soggy money for sheer now you must see that this stuff is NOT COMPLICATED.
So there...I said it...this post could go on for a LONG TIME, but I hope by now you get the gist of it. Simply put, Al is an expert at using his ship and his considerable skills to make your vacation exactly what you want...and that is really the only thing you need to know. AGAIN...HIS TALENT IS TO ALLOW YOUR INTERESTS TO BECOME REALITY.
So...ever so slowly, stop reading these endless and time consuming posts...charter the Catalyst...and in no time at all you too can be the one relating some unforgettable series of exotic events, and someone else can spend their evening in wonderment, reading and fantasizing about these out of this world adventures.

Thanks again to Al and the Catalyst...
From Kim...and Teri...and Dave...and Carolyn...

We were born before the wind
Also younger than the sun
Ere the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mystic...

The Jacobs...First charter of season

What a great group for my first charter of the season, lots of diving and lots of is a testimonial that Kim sent back.

A new season!

Wow, it has been so long since I have posted anything...this year will be better (I promise)