Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yensen Family March4-12, 2012

Our 6-day charter aboard Catalyst was wonderful in every regard. Our family of four (including two college-age daughters) loves water activities and was drawn to Catalyst because it offered so many. We did it all - snorkeling, water skiing, tubing, paddle surfing, kayaking - in incredibly beautiful mooring spots, and still had plenty of time to relax in the sun and take some island hikes. We ate all our meals on board. You cannot imagine how well you will eat; every one of our requested favorite meals was exquisitely prepared, delicious and reminded us of eating at a high-end restaurant (no kidding; it's that good). The crew went out of their way to purchase items we had asked for and is very adept at accommodating different dietary needs. One other feature Catalyst offers; Captain Roberts seven years' experience sailing the Virgin Islands. We chartered during a very busy time of year, and on numerous occasions his knowledge of the area got us to great mooring spots before they filled up. We also had two days of very high winds and rough seas, but he safely got us where we wanted to go and selected mooring sites that provided the smoothest possible overnight stays. We cannot imagine having a more relaxing, enjoyable week than what we had on Catalyst. We know you'll have a similar experience. The Yensen Family Falls Church, Virginia

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